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Buying and selling houses is often a stressful and expensive experience but. if you want to avoid any potentially dangerous and/or costly surprises get the electrics in the property tested by a qualified electrician before you move in. It could save money that you might have to spend in the future.
Homebuyer reports and surveys give an good overall impression of the condition of the property and will pick up on those easy to spot problems but if you want the job doing properly use a specialist. Just because the sockets looks new how do you know that it's not just a facelift with new boxes attached to old wiring ? Are you buying a house from a DIY enthusiast ? Is the wiring safe ?
The safety section of this site can give you an idea of what to look out for. 
A full periodic inspection gives an accurate report on the safety and condition of the wiring and equipment. You will also be able to get advice about any potential problems and costs you will incur when you get round to those improvements you want to make.
The current edition (17th) of the IEE wiring regulations BS7671 which came into force in July 2008 requires virtually all new or modified electrical circuits to be protected by an RCD. So unless you are exchanging like for like ie replacing an existing socket, switch, or light fitting any changed circuit requires RCCB or RCBO protection. This affects the consumer unit (fuseboard) .  Consumer units with rewirable fuses need replacing. For consumer units containing only mini-circuit breakers and for split consumer units containing only one RCCB it can often be cheaper to replace the entire unit rather than re-fusing the existing equipment.
Changing a consumer board also affects all of the other electrical circuits in the home. They all need to be tested. All faults need fixing and everything need to comply with the current regulatory standards. It could be expensive !!!  
The most costly and disruptive electrical work you can have on a house is a full rewire.  Rooms cleared of furniture, carpets / laminate flooring removed, floorboards lifted, walls chased out for the new wiring, dust, disruption, re-plastering and re-decoration of the house.  
For the sake of a few pounds now,  get it tested, it could save you thousands or even your life.